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223 Remington Ammo

223 Remington Ammo For Sale

223 Remington Ammo. The 223 Remington is a rimless, bottle-necked round. It was named 223 Remington by the SAAMI and 223 Rem by the CIP. It was made in 1957 by Remington Arms and Fairchild Industries for the U. S. Armed force’s Troops Command as a feature of a task to create a little type, high-speed handgun.

The 223 Remington is among the most famous cartridges, and it could be found in an assortment of self-loader and manual-activity rifles, and handguns. This cartridge is known as “Cartridge, 5.56 mm ball M193” in the United States Army. The 223 Remington has likewise been utilized to assemble the 5.5645mm NATO. Remington presented the Model 760 rifle, loaded for 223 Remington, in December 1963.

This cartridge can be utilized for various purposes like self-preservation or home security. It has generally been being used for military purposes as well concerning regulation authorization. In addition, it can likewise be utilized for hunting and shooting.

You can purchase this cartridge from various producers from our store. Our top-rated items are the top assembling brands. You will get the 233 Remington ammunition delivered by various makers on our racks.

Smash hit 233 Remington

Hornady: Hornady is the most well-known brand with regards to ammo. The Hornady 233 Remington has a shot load of around 62 grains. Its projectile is a full metal coat and its case is made of metal. It has 3100 fps of gag speed and 1323 ft-lb of gag energy.

Government: Federal one more large name in the ammo business. The Federal 233 Remington has 3240 fps of gag speed. Its slug weight is 55 grain and its projectile kind is a full metal coat. In addition, for its situation, it is comprised of metal. An astounding decision with regards to spending plan

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