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AMERICAN EAGLE 9mm LUGER FMJ124grains 500rounds


American Eagle 9MM Luger

Federal American Eagle 9MM Luger is excited to offer a new line of Syntech Action pistol ammunition which is the official ammunition of USPSA shooting. This particular load is optimized for action shooting sports power factor requirements. The flat nose profile is ideal for transferring energy onto steel targets. With clean burning propellants which minimize residue, and Federal primers to provide you reliable ignition, Syntech ammo should be your go to choice for steel target shooting.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: AE9SJAP1
9mm Luger
150 Grain Total Synthetic Jacket
Official Ammunition of USPSA
Optimized for Action Shooting Sports
Reduced Felt Recoil
Reduced Splash-back on Steel Targets
Brass Cased
Muzzle Velocity 870fps
Muzzle Energy 252 ft/lbs
Uses: Target Shooting, Training, and Plinking


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