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Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range 6.5 PRC 142 Grain Accubond LR 500 rounds


  • Polymer Tip: Maximizes long range performance and promotes expansion
  • Extended Ogive: Engineered for high B.C. and precision accuracy
  • Bonded Lead Alloy Core: Core and jacket welded together for maximum retained weight and deeper, controlled penetration
  • Jacket Technology: Designed for maximum expansion at extended ranges without sacrificing close range performance
  • Engineered Boattail: Improves long range flight characteristics
  • Controlled Expansion: Delivers deep driving penetration and massive knock-down

Caliber:6.5mm PRCNumber of Rounds:500Bullet Type:Jacketed Soft PointBullet Weight:142 grainMuzzle Velocity:3020 ft/sPrimer Location:Centerfire